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第一,基于Q学习算法的X光多视角主动视觉安检方法。针对该方法检测精度低和检测速度慢等缺点,基于Q学习算法提出采用状态回溯的启发式Q学习算法估计最佳视角,引入代价函数和启发函数,提高学习效率,加快Q学习的收敛速度。通过对比实验可以得出改进的主动视觉安检方法能大大提高检测精度和速度,相比于以Q-Learning为基础的主动视觉方法,检测剃刀刀片所得精确率和召回率之间的加权平均值 值提高了2.51%,速度提高了17.39%,检测手枪所得的 值提高了9.60%,速度提高了12.45%。


Traffic security inspection mainlydetermines whether threat objects exit in luggage by X-ray images obtained bysecurity scanner. However, if threat objects are covered by other objects orluggage is confused, it will be difficult for the human eye to distinguish, andthe detection accuracy will be reduced, and even threatening to public safety.Multi-view automatic detection methods studied in this paper can effectivelyimprove the accuracy and speed of detection, and it will be greatly reduce theworkload of security inspectors, and is very important to maintain publicsafety.

This topic is based on the single-viewX-ray detection of threat objects. In order to overcome the shortcomings of lowdetection accuracy, slow detection speed and high average time-consuming of thetwo multi-view detection algorithms, a large number of comparative experimentswere conducted to verify the advantages of the two improved multi-viewdetection methods. The main research work of this topic is as follows:

First, X-ray multi-view active visionsecurity inspection method based on Q-learning algorithm. In order to solve theproblems of the poor detection accuracy and slow detection speed of thismethod, a heuristically accelerated state backtracking Q-Learning algorithmbased on the Q-Learning algorithm is proposed to estimate the next best view.Cost function and heuristic function are introduced to improve the learningefficiency and speed up the convergence rate of Q-learning. Through thecontrast experiments, it can be concluded that the improved active visionsecurity inspection method can greatly improve the detection accuracy andspeed. Compared with the active vision approach based on Q-Learning, theweighted average value of   between theprecision and recall of detecting razor blades is increased by 2.51% and thedetection speed is increased by 17.39%, while the   of detecting handguns is increased by 9.60%,and the detection speed is increased by 12.45%.

Second, multi-view automatic detectionmethod based on matching and tracking algorithm. In order to overcome theshortcomings of large computation and low detection accuracy of this method,the structure estimation part is improved. Firstly, the principal componentanalysis method is used to reduce the dimension of SIFT features, retain keyfeatures, effectively reduce computation and improve matching efficiency.Secondly, the random sampling consensus algorithm based on samplingoptimization is used to eliminate mismatching points and improve the accuracyof feature matching. By comparing experiments, it can be concluded that themulti-view automatic detection method based on matching and tracking algorithmcan improve the detection accuracy and the average time-consuming is less.Compared with the method before improvement, the   of detecting razor blades is increased by2.69%, the average time-consuming is shortened by 20.21s, while the   of detecting handguns is increased by 3.10%,and the average time-consuming is shortened by 21.87s.


X-ray security inspection; multiple viewdetection; Q-Learning; active vision; matching and tracking


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