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文中首先对实验室模型进行了模拟,并与实验结果作对比,验证了数学模型的正确性。采用标准- 模型模拟气流分布、动网格模拟人员行走、修改后的漂移通量模型模拟带菌粒子的分布。相关结论如下:


对超净手术室中人员静态情形与动态弯曲运动的研究发现:静态情形下层流系统可以使手术关键区的带菌粒子浓度低于10 cfu/m3;动态运动中手术关键区带菌粒子浓度超过规定要求的25倍左右。所以,认为外科医生的动态弯曲运动会使手术关键区带菌粒子浓度变大,增大患者伤口的感染风险。


At present, the construction of operatingrooms in various countries has reached a certain level, completely meeting thestandard of operation. However, with the existing strict medical controlmeasures, surgical infection still exists. Considering that the doctor'sbending and the walking of the medical staff will have a certain disturbance onthe air flow, affecting the distribution of the bacteria particles, andincreasing the risk of wound infection in patients in the key surgical area.For this reason, this study investigated the effects of the doctor's bending,walking of medical staff, and local ventilation on the particle concentrationdistribution, which hoping to reduce the surgical infection rate.

Firstly, the laboratory model was simulatedand compared with the experimental results to verify the correctness of themathematical model. The standard - model was used to simulate air flow, dynamicgrid to simulate personnel walking, and modified drift flux model to simulatethe distribution of carriers of bacteria. The relevant conclusions are asfollows:

The nurses entering and leaving the cleanarea at low speeds of 0 m/s and 0.25 m/s will have a slight impact on thedistribution of the bacteria in the critical surgical area. When walking atfaster speeds of 0.5m/s and 1m/s, it will contaminate parts of the operatingtable and the patient's upper surface; it is recommended that the travelingnurse should try to walk at a speed of less than 0.25m/s to reduce the criticalconcentration of particles in the operation room.

Studying of static conditions and dynamicbending motions in personnel in clean operating rooms found that: under staticconditions, the concentration of carrier particles in the critical area ofoperation is less than 10 cfu/m3 under the laminar flow system. In the dynamicmovement, the concentration of the bacteria in the key area of the operation isabout 25 times more than the required requirement. Therefore, it is believedthat the surgeon's dynamic bending movement will increase the concentration ofthe bacteria in the critical area of the operation and increase the risk ofinfection in the site of the patient's wound.

This paper presents a new type of localventilation method for the human body in an ultra-clean operating room in bothupright and curved states. The effect of local delivery speed on the velocityfield and particle concentration field in the critical surgical area isstudied. The results show that when the local air supply speed is 0.15m/s, theparticles trapped on the chest of the personnel can be washed in time and thedisturbance to the behind-body particles is relatively small, which meets thecleanliness requirements of the key surgical area. Based on the comprehensiveanalysis, it is recommended that the optimal air supply speed for this localventilation method be 0.15 m/s. The local ventilation method proposed in thepaper provides a new method for the purification of critical areas in theultra-clean ventilation operating room.


operating room; bacteria-carryingparticles; personnel walking; local ventilation; numerical calculation

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